LED Perimeter in HONG KONG

LED Perimeter in HONG KONG

Project Name:  Hong Kong Restaurant LED Perimeter

Product Model:  Pitch 8mm SMD (front maintenance)

Screen Size:  12 square meter

Location:  Kowloon, Hong Kong

Project Time: June, 2013


A restaurant in Hong Kong, want to install a LED Perimeter on top and show company name, also interactions with pedestrians.

When we went to the site and check, there were many restrictions, such as the behind the LED display will be no space to do maintenance, pedestrians will be less than 15 meters away watching, also can not be same brightness all day long.

So we suggest Pitch 8mm SMD with front maintenance modules, brightness will adjust automatically according to the sunlight. Client has been using every day for 3.5 years. still very happy about the finished product.


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