Eason Chan’s World Tour – Concert Screen

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Eason Chan’s World Tour – Concert Screen

Project name: C’Mon in ~ Tour by Eason
Product model: Pitch 4mm
Screen size: 80 square meter
Location: Hong Kong
Project time: 12-13 November, 2017

Number 1 male singer in Asia, named as King of Asia Pop, Eason Chan, doing a world tour C’Mon in.
His production team contacted Shenzhen Guojia 6 months ago, idea is to use 2 screens of 8m height and 5m width.
Our Overseas Sales Director – Mr. Karson Ho is in charge of this project, after several meetings, he suggested them to use our newly designed indoor Pitch 4mm with die casting cabinets, which will give them best outcome, such as easy installation, vivid graphic and most importantly is durable to transport around the world for tour.

Everything is smooth as expected, we also sent one of our Technical Manager – Mr. Keith Wong to standby during the whole concert

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