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We provide LED wall rental services in Hong Kong. LED walls are ideal for live events. The Audio Visual component of live events has become highly technology dependent. Participants expect high-quality LED displays at conferences, gala dinners, exhibitions and meetings.

LED walls enable presentations, live feed video projection and other graphic presentations to have the most powerful impact on your event management projects.
Our Productions is a fully-integrated event management company with in-house audio visual services. We offer LED Video walls in Hong Kong from P6 to P3 which provide excellent resolution. And our full-time AV team will be on site at your event to make sure that the LED wall you’ve hired operates perfectly.

LED Video Wall Hong Kong

Why should you consider LED wall rental? There are several benefits to renting an LED wall versus traditional projection displays.
Higher Brightness – Their bright image displays and ease of use make them an attractive option for many different settings: store signage, billboards and other advertising, destination signs, stage shows, indoor displays, and more. Since they’re becoming more widespread, the cost of renting an LED wall is becoming more affordable.
The brightness of LED walls is probably the main reason they are supplanting projectors as the top choice of visual technicians. There are several drawbacks to projectors that affect their ability to display clear, crisp images. Projectors have to transmit the image to a projection screen; the image then has to travel to the viewer’s eyes. So, there’s a larger expanse across which to lose brightness and visibility. LED panels generate their own brightness, so the image is much more vivid when it reaches the viewer.

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