LED Display Rental


Rental LED screens for stands and meetings are LED panels that have the capability to reproduce high-resolution images and videos with a brightness higher than other devices, such as traditional monitors or projectors, which do not allow the contents to be displayed correctly, for lack of brightness or annoying reflections. This way you will get unbeatable lighting.

These displays are ideal for professionals attending congresses or exhibitions, who need products that are easily transportable and light to simplify travel from one place to another, as well as the assembly phase.


The effectiveness obtained from the use of these displays is very wide and they give the opportunity to obtain great benefits. Previously, Indoor LED video walls and projectors were used. But now it is possible to make much larger and brighter screens, better capturing the attention of event attendees.
Being a new product, rental prices tend to be high, so many rental companies decide to take advantage of this demand and invest more and more in this type of product. Check their purchase price with LED Display.


These screens have been designed so that professionals can show their products and services, at trade shows and congresses, in large format and in a surprising way. Furthermore, these articles are also intended for audiovisual equipment suppliers who participate in organizing concerts, presentations or advertising events and rent the use of these screens to third parties.
Rental screens are a great option to stand out in any public act or event, as they allow you to configure and change the screen size. Therefore, it is a very versatile alternative for audiovisual professionals.
Their modular mounting system and their intelligent electronics allow you to adapt their dimensions according to your needs. You will only have to mount the LED modules you need for the required size. This allows you to divide a display into several smaller parts.
Another significant advantage is the good resolution and image quality they provide, on a par with the best fixed installations. Thanks to their advanced technical features, the screens offer a perfect display of video content, even outdoors and in full sun.


In this work environment there are continuous movements, assembly and disassembly of rental LED screens. They have to be practical and done with very little effort.
Therefore, the lightness of the equipment is a crucial factor in carrying out these operations quickly, economically and safely.
LED Display displays are made with two lightweight finishes: aluminum and epoxy resin with fiber. The use of these components allows us to design and manufacture very light and resistant screens.


Rental screens need to be taken apart and assembled easily and quickly several times.
It is important that its mechanisms are reliable and that they do not have free spaces after various assemblies, which very often happens with the rental of basic displays, which makes it difficult to have a correct view of the latter.
The quick fixing systems used by LED Display are designed to withstand thousands of continuous assembly and disassembly, without suffering significant wear.


To simplify the transport of the rental LED structures, you can purchase a flight case of different sizes. These flight cases, or professional carrying cases, will protect your screen while on the move and during storage.
The interior of the flight case is fully structured with high-density sponges and adapted to the design of the acquired LED modules. In addition, they have departments for wiring and various accessories. They can even have wheels and are stackable, thanks to their superior safety mechanisms.


Renting LED screens is a growing business. In fact, the number of concerts and events of all kinds that require professional quality audiovisual support, such as displays, is growing every day.
Rental prices for LED displays for specific uses are usually quite high. Depending on the size and time of use, their cost can be several thousand euros.
However, most professionals in the sector do not know the purchase prices, since it is not always easy to obtain them or have a direct relationship with manufacturers or distributors.
Renting a display is a lucrative business, but few people know that purchasing equipment for rental pays for itself very quickly. Depending on the size and rental times, you can recoup your investment in four or five events and generate profits quickly

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