We are a product of event technology enthusiasm and passion that puts together the awe inspiring events. Powered by the urge of excellence, we keep an eye on creating lighting, video and audio technology that not only escalate the environmental effects in used but also brings to life in the most beautiful manner possible
Our objective is to deliver the most extensive spectrum of the event led screen rental solutions to support your vision out of this world. Our expertise and enthusiasm blended with huge inventories of the most recent technologies provided giving you the ability to serve our clients, irrespective of their industry from imagination to reality

We want you to think of the display and looks that you have never looked before since we believe that if you can dream so we can make it a reality. We are best at whatever we do.
We have been so far persistent and have been innovative keeping ourselves abreast with the ever evolving digital practices and have contributed in the novel trend in terms of the several advertising needs and demands of the entrepreneurs searching for Led screen rentals in Dubai. The led display rentals in Dubai have been such a new drift as well as the most captivating tool for the ever increasing expectation of the entrepreneurs.

Enhance your brand image with video wall rental Dubai

Let your products earn the center of the stage with our dramatizing lightings and audio and visual services. We are here to combine a blend of breathtaking visuals and everlasting light display to get your consumers attention towards your products and take their viewing experience to the next level
Our objective is to create the product launch events with our video wall rental Dubai an unforgettable experience, and we do this with our best equipments and unbeatable video rental pricing. Our objective is to give you the platform that you deserve to excel through all odds.
The video wall rental pricing has always been a game changer for the abundance of the entrepreneurs who have been constantly on their threshold for grabbing the right attention from the consumers throughout the trade shows. The video wall on rentals in Dubai incorporate with them, the high end pixel quality, that crafts a wonderful impact and the everlasting impression in the thoughts of the consumers that they would be quicker to take up the buying decision quicker than ever, this will not only creates a clean and tidy sale channel that leads to the incredible sales elevation.

The potential challenges for the rentals of Led screen in Dubai

Undeniable of the fact that these Led video walls might have eventually come up with the most wonderful product presentation throughout the trade shows, however the most apparent limiting factor that an entrepreneur has to deal with would be the video wall rental pricing. The high pricing have always been attempted to bounce back the entrepreneur to towards the entertainments.

Are you planning to set any video wall rental Dubai in rates of your choice for any event?

We have always been the preferred led rental service providers in Dubai and UAE to help numerous entrepreneurs showcasing their precise video wall initiatives in trade shows and other events.
We take the prestige in the market of providing high end 3 by 3 video wall led display, the 46 inch video wall and 55 inch video wall that are inclusive of the retail, hotels, hospitals, schools and banks.
We have always kept ourselves updated with the recent market trends towards the video wall rental, led screen rentals and led display and have been striving since then to implement them as the service offering to the consumers and this has been the unique selling proposition.

Our range of rentals includes

  • 3×3 Video Walls
  • 46″ Inch Video Walls
  • 55″ Inch LED Video Walls
  • Seamless Video Walls

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