LED Screen Rental Toronto

There are many little things that can make certain functions stand out. Such things are often left undiscovered for lack of knowledge or fear of high pricing. Let us change your mind! One item guaranteed to make your function stand out from the rest is a Toronto LED wall rental.

For all your function in the GTA, Pure AV is the only LED screen video service to provide this rental at an upcoming trade show, festival, corporate function or private event.

Toronto LED Wall Rental Information

Above all, they offer a great way to advertise. Many companies are taking advantage of this revolutionary advertising medium to get their products and services better known. As a business, if you are hoping to gain new customers or promote something for your current clients, our LED Video and Media Wall Rental department is where you should be looking. We have LED screen video and media walls of all compilations to serve different purposes.

What is an LED Media Wall or LED Display?

We Toronto LED wall rental gear makes use modular pixel units to display media files such as text, video and other animations. Images are very clear and color combination is great on these walls. A wide variety of files can be run on our 5 and 7mm video walls. Typical files include; txt, avi, mpeg, power point, among others. Furthermore, these screens are energy efficient, cost appropriate and technologically reliable. This type of reliability allows for both indoors and outdoor usage.

Booking Toronto LED Wall Rental

Planning an event is never easy, especially when you are so set on getting it right. That is why we take the time to answer any question from all potential clients. We hope the details above helped you understand what an LED wall can do for your function.

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